Metadata services

Metadata services provide miscellaneous information about the data available via the NBA. For a full list of services, please refer ti the API endpoint reference . Metadata services can be categorised into two classes:

Controlled vocabularies

To maintain data integrity, some fields in our source systems are constrained by controlled vocabularies. These exist for the fields PhaseOrStage, Sex, SpecimenTypeStatus (Specimens), TaxonomicStatus (Taxa). The endpoint /medata/getControlledList/{field} returns the allowed values for this field, e.g. for the type status:

Allowed formats for date fields can be retrieved with /metadata/getAllowedDateFormats . The service /metadata/getRestServices gives a list of all available NBA endpoints.

Type-specific metadata

These services reside under /{dataType}/metadata and give information about the field structure of the data type, such as all available paths (getPaths) or detailed information about data types, allowed operators and whether a field is indexed or not (getFieldInfo), for example: